A new century e-zine media dreamscape cinema website showcasing promoting and celebrating the accumulated pop culture of movies, their makers, the studios and emerging talent. As we enter the centenary decade of the Hollywood studios achievement and with reinvented cinema culture now an arts business bank from which new generations draw movie making inspiration PTB SCREEN is charged to re define rediscover and promote knowledge appreciation and creative boost so those who achieved inspire those who need to find it then adopt cinematic vision to build upon. PTB SCREEN is presented free to the viewer. Upon entering the 3D dreamscape art deco cinema complex style homepage,  one can explore the interactive billboards representing new distributor releases, watch trailer reels, and delve into archive material to discover and enthuse. Young moviemakers with new screen material can now showcase their movies, clips and showreels on the screens of the reconstructed move palaces as if actually released in a real cinema. Major industry players also now have a thrilling new media dreamscape of showcasing and informing a captive receptive viewing audience all their new titles of cinema release and home market material. PTB SCREEN is presented by Paul Thomas Brennan representing his accumulated cinema releasing knowledge and show-business expertise. The contents of his head and career now available on-line in art deco showcase 3D dreamscape to share and to celebrate. PTB SCREEN: Discover celebrate and promote. Whether new or classic, the cinema doors and the reinvented PTB movie palace chain of promotion showcase screens are open to everyone.

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