Internationally this century recognised as one of Australia’s most successful ongoing cinema businessmen and studio historian, Paul Brennan has enjoyed a 50 year career in rescuing, showcasing and promoting the culture of cinemas and the business world of making and distributing movies. From graduating with a University teaching diploma and a focus on psychology and applying that to reinventing cinemas and adopting orphaned films, Paul Brennan’s career has expanded into a wide portfolio now seen as essential consultation for new talent and established movie business plans. The knowledge bank of his cinema business life is now out of his brain and onto a website. 

In 3D and with pictures and pointers. From championing the Hollywood studio archives to showcasing emerging talent, and with the enthusiastic applause of movie distributors and International statesman historians Paul Brennan is now sharing his accumulated pop culture knowledge of everything he did and learnt. From Roger Corman to Leonard Maltin through the WB NY Vitaphone Archive, International Film Festivals and Hollywood Classics, there is a photo and a story on how it all happened and how you can learn from it. PTB SCREEN: Celebrating Cinema as Paul Brennan knows it, from the street to the screen.